À propos de nous


We Chizhou HaiZhiBao Children Products Co.,LTD is a subsidiary company of Pinghu HaiZhiBao Children Car Co., LTD. Due to our quickly development, we need a bigger factory to higher our production capacity also improve our professional ability. In October of 2019, we moved our factory to Chi Zhou city, Anhui Province.

There are 5 production lines, in 2021 we plan to add 15 more. More than 120 persons working happily everyday to design, produce, sell ride-on for the lovely kids all over the world. We also have our own moulding machines, which can mould all the plastic parts for our own toy cars, in this way we can control the quality well from the beginning.

We all wish our children have a happy childhood , because this golden time cannot repeat. We also have our own kids and as our kids have grown up we have realized the need not only for exciting outdoor toys but also the importance of high-quality products that are interesting for kids and enjoyable at the same time. This is exactly what we aim to deliver, hours of endless fun for not only the children who play with these outdoor kids toys but also the parents who can play alongside them helping them with parental controls, mp3 players, and recent upgrades even include TV screens.

This is the reason why ridе-оn iѕ fast becoming оnе оf the most рорulаr toys thаt kids аѕk fоr, which designed to stimulate thе imаginаtiоn аnd inspire сrеаtivitу.

HaiZhiBao will keep following our aim to design more better ride-on for our kids. Thanks so much for our clients support, feedback and trust.


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